Strategic Goals

To provide the most effective, reliable and diversified vehicle for philanthropists to leave a lasting legacy to Brampton and its surrounding communities.

1. Achieve $10 million in total endowments by 2016
2. Make cumulative grants of $1.5 million by 2009 (Achieved)
3. Make cumulative grants of $3 million by 2016
4. Build a reputation as a credible, effective vehicle for philanthropy and the creation of legacies
5. Secure an ongoing source of operating funds that is seen by donors as cost-effective and self sustaining.


Principle 1: Building Community Assets and Facilitating Philanthropy
As we build and invest permanent endowments and other assets for our communities now and in the future, we will help our donors derive the maximum possible benefit and satisfaction from their giving by learning about their charitable goals, providing them with information about ever changing needs, integrating their goals with community opportunities and providing flexible options. We value and champion philanthropy.

Principle 2: Establishing an Effective and Imaginative Grants Program
We will strive to continually improve our skills as grant makers, making a visible and lasting difference in our communities through a granting program that is balanced, flexible, creative and responsive.

Principle 3: Implementing Responsive and Accountable Processes
We will engage in practices that are open and accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we work with grant seekers, donors, volunteers and others in the community. This is essential to our role as credible and reputable stewards of community resources.

Principle 4: Reflecting Diversity and Fostering Renewal
We believe there is strength in diversity and that our communities will be better served when we understand, reflect and support different points of view and engage the broader community in our deliberations and decision making.

Principle 5: Building Community Capacity
We will nurture and build on our community's strengths and assets. Communities are strengthened by initiatives that increase the capacity of organizations and individuals to respond to challenges and opportunities, develop local leadership, promote self-reliance, emphasize prevention and mobilize civic participation and resources.

Principle 6: Creating Community Dialogue and Partnerships
Since more can be accomplished when we act together, we will encourage and support respectful dialogue and effective partnerships among individuals, neighborhood and community groups, service clubs, foundations, professional advisors, businesses, governments, the media and others to address issues of importance to our communities.